Professional Development

At Bowman Consulting, we realize that our high level of success is directly tied to the skilled and dedicated people we hire and the opportunities we provide them; through our commitment to their career growth.


Bowman Consulting's Orientation Sessions provide employees with information about the company history – through the eyes of Gary Bowman, its President, and provide employees with insight into the organizational structure and the functions that support its operations.


At Bowman, we believe that it takes time to acclimate new employees and new leaders with their teams, their office and the company. As a result, we’ve created an entire onboarding program that begins prior to your arrival and often continues for weeks or months to ensure you have all the tools to make you successful.

Employee Development Center

Bowman Consulting offers a variety of technical, professional, and management training programs through its Employee Development Center. These programs are presented on a monthly basis by external vendors and current employees.

Knowledge Exchange Series

Experienced internal subject matter experts volunteer their time to create and present material on professional, technical and management topics for Bowman Consulting's Knowledge Exchange Series program. The program, offered every three weeks, is open to all employees and provides opportunities for staff to learn from and network with their peers across the organization.

Bowman's Linchpin Program

Linchpins are the building blocks of great organizations. They provide the competitive differentiator in a consulting business. Linchpins recognize that being technically competent in their field is not enough. They differentiate by being an “ARTIST.” They invent, lead, make connections, and create inspiring and memorable experiences inside and outside the organization. They do this by leveraging right brain or “R-Directed” thinking. This 18-month program is designed for Mid to Senior Level Staff; Project Managers and Team Leaders; and Individuals who are willing to step out of their comfort zones. After completion of this program, participants are eligible for up to 16 PDH.

Bowman Leadership Institute

The Bowman Leadership Institute was created to cultivate our leaders. This customized program provides employees with an opportunity to develop leadership skills in a peer- to- peer forum. Participants meet in full day sessions, every month for a year, and learn how to develop the attitudes, knowledge, and skills needed for leadership positions.

Career Management

For employees who are just beginning their careers or who, at mid-career, are unclear of where they want to head professionally, Bowman Consulting offers an individualized, development based program called "Managing Your Career." Individuals meet one-on-one with an internal career coach to explore values, strengths, and critical skills that will enhance their ability to self-manage their careers.

Team Enhancement Program

No matter where you work, no matter what you do, when you work for Bowman Consulting, you are part of a team. That message is reinforced through the Team Enhancement Program. By using assessments such as the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, team members come to better understand themselves and the team dynamic. Over the course of a typical program, team members participate in activities and discussions that help them recognize, appreciate, and learn from different styles and approaches to work.

Executive Coaching Program

The Executive Coaching Program is tailored for individuals who are in key leadership roles within the organization and have a demonstrated proven track record at Bowman. Individuals selected for this program are teamed up with an executive business coach, from a reputable firm, and are provided with one-on-one leadership coaching to enhance their self-awareness and self-understanding.

Survey Apprenticeship Program

The Survey Apprenticeship Program is a 5-year program consisting of a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training (OJT). Classroom instruction is designed to complement OJT provided by employers participating in the Virginia State Registered Apprenticeship Program. Apprentices successfully completing the training program receive a State Apprenticeship Certificate.

Tuition Reimbursement

As part of its benefit package, Bowman Consulting offers tuition reimbursement to full time regular employees for coursework and related fees.

Professional Registration and License Fees

Bowman Consulting encourages employees to pursue professional registration. The firm will support registration or licensing during an individual's employment if it has a direct impact on the employee's ability to perform his or her job.

Professional Societies

Bowman Consulting supports employee participation in professional organizations, societies, and community groups. Employees are encouraged to play an active role in professional organizations, attend meetings, and network with other area professionals. Some of our memberships include:

  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Society of Landscape Architects
  • American Water Works Association
  • American Wind Energy Association
  • International Council of Shopping Centers
  • Urban Land Institute
  • US Green Building Council