What We Do

We know our clients demand more than competent technical professionals. Bowman combines broad technical expertise which our clients expect with a sense of urgency and nimbleness to align with our client’s goals. Our clients benefit from the industry relationships we’ve built which allow Bowman to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions regardless of project complexity or size.


Bowman engineers and project managers offer a broad array of services to our clients. From civil engineering site design to structural bridge design to water wastewater engineering, Bowman assembles the best skill sets on a team to execute each project. We site houses, design small residential subdivisions, and also work on the largest residential land development projects in the country. We prepare small commercial site plans for the corner bank and run expansion programs for the largest retailers in the world. We design sidewalk improvements and work on public transportation projects surpassing $1,000,000,000 in cost. Private clients, public agencies, and quasi-public utilities rely on Bowman’s broad range of engineering services.